Lowongan Telkom | Pengumuman Penerimaan Pegawai Telkom 2010

Lowongan BUMN Telkom 2010Penerimaan Pegawai Telkom 2010
PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (TELKOM)is the biggest telecommunication, information, media and
edutainment (TIME) provider in Indonesia. TELKOM provided its first services on 23 October 1856 when the first telegraph was send from Batavia (Jakarta) to Buitenzorg (Bogor). During this longtime service, TELKOM has been through many transformations.

Our last transformation called NEW TELKOM Indonesia is four aspects transformation, consists of business transformation, infrastructure transformation, system and operation model transformation and human resources transformation. It has been officially launched in concordance with TELKOM’s New Corporate Identity in TELKOM’s 153rd anniversary on 23 October 2009 with new tagline “The World in Your Hand”.
Until the end of 2008 TELKOM has had 86.6 million customer or 37% growth from 68.6 million in 2007, which are 8.6 fixed wirelines, 12.7 fixed wireless and 65.3 million cellular customer.

In line with NEW TELKOM spirit and new positioning “Life Confident”, TELKOM management alltogether with TELKOM’s employees devoted their professionalism to present the best products and services for customers and stakeholders.

During 2008 Telkom has received several awards and recognitions from both domestic and international institutions, for examples: ISO Certification 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000 for Enterprise Service Division from TUV Rheinland International Indonesia, Work Health and Safety System Award and Zero Accident 2008 from Indonesia Vice President, The Best Corporate Image category in 8th Most Admired Companies Award from Frontier Consulting Group, The best winners 2007 Annual Report Award form Minister of Finance, The best winners Public Relation Media Award 2008 from Public Relation Coordinator, CIO of the year 2008 in Hitachi Data System IT Inspiration Award and CEO and Company Most Admirer from Warta Ekonomi Magazine.

In 31 December 2008 52.47% of TELKOM’s stocks was owned by the Government and 47.53% was owned by public. Telkom’s stock traded in Jakarta Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange. The stocs also publicly offered without listing (POWL) in Tokyo Stock Exchange. In the end of December 2008 Telkom’s stock price was Rp.6.900 and Telkom market capitalization was Rp139,104 billion or 12.92% of the total Jakarta Stock Exchange capitalization.

With all these achievements and recognitions, market domination in every portfolio business, strong financial performance and future potential growth, TELKOM will become Indonesian best corporate model.

I. Background

1. Facing 21th century with its trade globalization, great efforts are needed to improve the quality of SDM (Human Resources) who are really prepared to face the tight global competition.
2. In accordance with National Education Department policy about education with development necessities relevance, consequently education process in university needs to pay careful attention to environment and employment world necessities, especially at business and/or industry fields.
3. The future employment will selectively capture employee candidates who are highly professional on his/her field, because global competition will open wider opportunity for foreign employees to enter/dominate employment in Indonesia. Hence, one of the main challenges for university graduates is to prepare the best of themselves to enter the employment world.
4. One of the efforts to improve SDM specially in higher education is through Co-op program which is an important medium for self-development and business skill improvement as well as for exercising independence for the university graduates.

II. CO-OP Program: Cooperative Academic Education

Co-op Program is an education form which combines soft and hard-skill improvement. It is an academic learning process plus working experience that has carefully planned and guided, with some amount of incentive given to the student. This program allows university students to get practical skills by facing the real implementation of jobs outside the campus. Through Co-op program, the independent, professional, and ready candidates are available to enter the job world. Co-op is generally carried out for 3-6 months, with possible extension but not more than 12 months.

III. Objectives

o Accelerate the adaptation period for university graduates in entering job world
o Improving quality of S1 (bachelor) degree graduates

IV. Requirements

1. Eligible for undergraduate students(S1) and graduate students (S2) from all majors, through respective selection.
2. Having permission from the head of university and parents
3. Being at least in 6th semester, not graduate yet
4. Having working motivation and social skill to mingle within an organisation/workplace
5. Having strong motivation, diligence, and mentality
6. Obedient to the rules pertinent to his/her workplace

Apprentice Program in PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.

a. Telkom apprentice participants come from:

o Co-op candidates who have passed the selection
o University students or students (bachelor degree, three-year diploma, and two-year diploma program) from education institutions
o University graduates (fresh graduate)

b. Apprentice participant criteria:

o Maximum age of 24 years old
o Co-op participant candidates who have passed the selection, in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation with enterprise, are obliged to conduct apprenticeship in the enterprise
o For the university student or student from education institution, he/she must have completed the final project and been waiting for graduation ceremony
o For university graduates, he/she must be a fresh graduate and have never served in any apprenticeship in other institution before
o For university students, he/she must be at least in the 7th semester
o Healthy and having good behavior
o Good personality (soft skills), i.e. having motivation, social skill, and/or diligence and tough mentality

c. Acceptance apprentice participants

o Co-op program participants agree with cooperation agreement with enterprise have to apprentice in the enterprise
o Apprentice participants acceptance who come from education institutions (students of degree, diploma, two-year diploma program) bring out with coordination with the local school/university after passing the operator necessity evaluation that can be fulfill through apprentice program.

The apprenticeship application letter should be forwarded to:

VP Industrial Relation
TELKOM Building 5th Floor
Jl. Japati No.1 Bandung 40133


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